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Along with all parts and accessories you may need

We are your one stop shop for all of your flying needs.  We have everyhing from Drones, to FixedWing Airplanes, to CnC Machine and 3D Printed  parts and accessories.

Our Drones are available in multiple different ways.  
     You can purchase just the frame by itself and either use your own parts and accesories or purchase them from us.

      Next we have our drone kits.   All of our drone kits come with the choice of either standard or premium.  Standard has your average (but still quality) parts such as Flight Controllers, ESC's, etc.  Premium may cost a little more but this will come with all top of line parts.  With these kits you have the option to either build it yourself or have us build it for you.

       Of Course, as advertised, all of our drones are 100% customizable. Each drone has a form on its page that you can fill out and send in if you have specific parts and accessories that you would prefer to be in your drone.

      Making sure there is something for everyone, we also carry a variety of FixedWing Airplanes for those who prefer an airplane over the drone.

3D Printed and
CnC Machine Parts

Custom Parts and Accessories

  Not only do we have our own 3D Printers but we also have a CnC Machine as well.  All of our printed parts and accessories are made in house garunteeing quality and satisfaction.
   We have custome designed several products that are all for sale and printed to order.  Among these products are 3D printed Drones that we designed ourselves.  Not only are they stylish but they are extremely durable as well.
 If you have custome designed something that you need printed take advantage of our printing service.  Just fill out the form on our contact page and we will reply as soon as possible. Prices vary depending on size and material of your project.